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In any of my Leadership roles, I have never assumed that people would automatically follow.  In fact, in most positions I was simply a member of the team and was asked to assume leadership.  Since my days as a Boy Scout in my youth, leadership has become second nature, and I've earned and appreciated every leadership role I was asked to assume.


My goal in any leadership position is to encourage, empower and support.  I firmly believe that people have the power to become greater than they are, and I have been extremely successful with a lot of people. Background singers became soloists, hack programmers have built mission critical systems for major companies, couch potatoes became marathoners, followers became leaders, and so much more.

Why?  Trust, empowerment and support. 

Action, Not Just Analysis

Often times, it's the ability to know the first step to take and then to take it.  Whether its solving problems, entering new markets, overcoming fears or shooting for a goals. Analysis, planning, preparing and execution are core competencies that have enabled me to lead people to do things they never thought they could.