First Blood
Innovative Marketing
Beat Them All

Following the success and subsequent sale of Frostbuster (BBQ Buster, PatioBuster etc.), we all went our own ways.  Having a better understanding for the barriers that existed for single product inventors, I created a revolutionary marketing program that not only eliminated risk for retail buyers, but it gave inventors an opportunity to break into the retail market.


One of the biggest issues retail buyers had in 1991 was the risk associated with bringing in new products, especially ones that were produced by new companies with no track record and no knowledge of marketing or fulfillment.

In essence, I created a marketing co-op that housed multiple products from single SKU suppliers under one roof.  By combining a television series called 'Today's Inventor' along with targeted television advertising and end aisle displays at major retailers in a defined geographic area, I was able to truly test the marketability of the new products. 


The television series was picked up by 23 stations throughout North America.  While the marketing program was isolated to our specific geographic area, it was nice to know that the premise and the content were appealing to a much larger audience.

Many products went on to become retail successes, and the program enjoyed six years of resounding success.

The pool of quality products became smaller and smaller, and I decided at that point to apply the marketing skills to a totally new venue.....commercial equipment!  What!? How did you do that, you ask?  Check out the next section......