First Blood
Innovative Marketing
Beat Them All

I have to say that the first taste of pioneering came from my experiences with the Royal Bank of Canada.  I didn't realize it at the time.  In fact, my goals were to get a better understanding of the principals of business.  I mean, what better place to learn than a bank?!

In 1986, Automated Teller Machines were new.  My job was to parachute into a new town, take over the branch, realign the organization around this new technology and keep people happy while doing it....customers and employees.  All while eliminating teller and administrative positions, moving customers from people to machines and increasing business at the same time!  And I wasn't just good....I was great!

Pioneering new technology has little to do with the technology, but everything to do with People.  And building digital companies is merely the virtual adaptation of face to face relationship building that is required to get people through change.